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Beat the crowd with DXMarkets.

DXMarkets, a professional grade trading platform for digital currencies that puts you ahead of the crowd. Benefit from our Ultra Low Latency Trading, Real-time Charting, P&L Tracking and Bulletproof Security.

Your security, never compromised

At DXMarkets, we place security at the core of everything we do. Our platform is built with tiered security across all sections, ensuring advanced personal and investment data protection.
Our standards are on par with the most sophisticated capital market platforms, offering 256-bit SSL encryption, multi-signature wallets and cold storage.

Technology is our strength

DXMarkets delivers an unparalleled trading experience, never before available in the digital currency market.
The robustness and speed allows you to identify untapped opportunities, putting you ahead of the crowd. Always.

Professionals and enthusiasts welcomed

Powerful yet intuitive tools allow entry-level traders to learn and take advantage of professional grade features built into the platform.
Widget customisation gives you the ability to create your unique experience, giving you the tools you need and want. No more, no less.

What makes DXMarkets different?

Anticipate, react and profit from trading opportunities before others do. DXMarkets is the result of decades of experience in capital markets and trading technologies; the definitive tool that puts you ahead of the market.

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What makes DXMarkets different? What makes DXMarkets different? What makes DXMarkets different? What makes DXMarkets different? What makes DXMarkets different?

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DXMarkets is the official trading platform for Jetcoin.


Legal and compliance advisers on AML/CFT policies and CDD procedures.


Strategic partner for digital currency services.