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Our Services

  • Payment Systems

    Unleash the power of blockchain to receive real-time payments, in a seamless process, without the need for intermediaries. Simplify cross-border transactions and significantly lower costs.

  • Digital Assets

    Allow investors worldwide to invest in your illiquid assets by issuing digital certificates in a distributed ledger that creates transparency and trust between market participants.

  • Secondary Market

    Our proprietary professional-grade exchange platform provides liquidity for your digital assets in a high-grade secure and scalable environment.

  • Smart Contracts

    Model your digital instruments to create self-executing trades and automate coupon payments, margin calls, corporate actions and automated escrow services.

  • Strategic Consulting

    We have partnered with consulting firms currently serving tier 1 banks and financial institutions to deliver blockchain technology integration to enhance our clients’ financial operational capabilities.

About Us

DXMarkets integrates blockchain technology into enterprise-based financial processes, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Our firm supports the finance function to embed disruptive technology into its business cycle, increasing operating margins and generating new revenue streams.

DXMarkets works with a number of blockchain platforms to develop custom made yet universal and scalable solutions for each of its clients.

· New revenue streams / business models.
· Bespoke product and business implementations.
· Technology agnostic; our solutions work with any blockchain platform.
· Client-centered; solid understanding of financial functions and lifecycles.

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