That Bitcoin is a disruptive innovation is true, but perhaps the Blockchain is the one that is going to attract most of attention going forward. It is only now it is dawning on many that the technology underpinning Bitcoin can revolutionize not just money and the finance industry but other industries as well.

As a result, in droves, commercial banks and other entities are not just taking note. They are now rolling up their sleeves and getting actively involved with Blockchain technology. BBVA, UBS, Santander, PNB Paribas, Microsoft… the list keeps growing each day.


It cannot be further from the truth that all these entities are wrong about the potential of the technology. There is something that is making them invest in it, even as they largely remain unenthusiastic about Bitcoin (the ‘We need the blockchain, but want nothing to do with Bitcoin’ chorus is becoming more common as weeks go by).

At DXMarkets we understand why the Blockchain is pulling them in. This is because we have been up close with the technology for over two years now.  We are building cutting edge solutions on the decentralized public ledger that will drive the economies of the 21st century. Blockchain is allowing new market opportunities that were not there before and both banks and financial institutions are realizing that.

efficient capital markets

 On the 3rd of November, alongside other brands, DXM sponsored a Blockchain event in Paris, France. The event was one of the many organized by the Bl0ckcha1n, a Blockchain evangelizing entity founded by Laurent Leloup. He is also the founder of the digital magazine Finyear, which publishes Blockchain and Bitcoin related business news.

Our CEO, Marcelo Garcia Casil (@excessuk) was one of the fifteen speakers to grace the event and, during his presentation, he shared with the participants the opportunities that the Blockchain represents to capital markets using smart contracts.

smart contracts
Marcelo Garcia Casil talking about “Efficient capital markets using smart contracts”at Bl0ckcha1n.com

Marcelo’s at the bl0ckcha1n November 3rd event,

Using blockchain significantly reduces both complexity and cost of capital markets.”

Others who spoke at the event include blogger Guillaume Villon de Benveniste (@GVillondeBen) whom alongside Laurent were the heads of the conference, the Co-founder Paymium, Pierre Noizat (@Bitcoin_Central) and Conix Advisor Blogger Patrice Bernard (@cestpasmonidee).

The next Bl0ckcha1n event is slated to take place on the 10th December 2015. Just like this one, will have DXMarkets as one of the sponsors and we will also be delivering another presentation on Blockchain technology.

If you want to be part of the December conference or the next one on January 19th  next year, you are welcome to register at bl0ckcha1n website.